Keeping your running shoes fresh

With the weather warming up getting outdoors for exercise becomes more and more appealing. Once the weather really heats up things get wet and stinky! Workout clothes are easy to deal with, since you can just throw them into washing machine, but shoes are a little trickier. First and foremost, step out of your running shoes and into another pair of shoes, preferably with a fresh set of socks. If you can afford to, purchase a spare set of running shoes and alternate between the two pairs. If you end up running in the rain you can accelerate their drying time by putting wadded up newspaper in the shoes. If you are just dealing with moisture from sweat then use the little packets of silicone beads do wick away moisture. This may take care of moisture, however odor is a result of bacteria feeding on skin cells, moisture, and residue left behind in the shoe. The only solution for a stinky shoe aside from controlling moisture is to use antibacterial spray or baking soda. If you have a removable insole you can wash this on gentle in the washing machine, however if you can avoid it you don't want to wash your shoe. Although washing a running shoe doesn't necessarily ruin the shoe, it can. It is best if you can get ahead of the need to wash the shoe with regular cleaning!

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