De-clutter your house

Many times a house can look dirty just because it is disorganized. In order to improve the overall cleanliness of your home a great thing to do is to clear out the clutter. Follow the tips below for a mess free house. Every month pick a room of your house and go through every item in it. If you haven't touched the item since the last time your went through that room with a fine tooth comb, get rid of it. If the item holds sentimental value, it does no good sitting tucked away where no one can admire it.

1. You don't have to trash items that have sentimental value. Instead, pass the item along to someone you believe will value it, and if it only holds value to you, figure out a way to showcase it. Take a picture and make a scrapbook with a page dedicated to why the item is important to you. If it will fit in the pages of the scrapbook, keep the item in there, if not then take a picture and get rid of the item but keep the memory.

2. Donate to the needy. If you don't have a Goodwill nearby, bring the items to your local church. You can always establish a relationship with an organization you believe in who can help your items find their way to a new home.

3. Have an online yard sale. These days you don't have to have a yard sale to get rid of your items, you can just post on one of many online yard sales. Set the items aside that you have for sale and just wait for them to sell. Drop the price as needed until you are giving them away if necessary.

4. Get rid of the "just in case" mentality. If you find yourself keeping things that you might need, perhaps you are buying too much or too often. Any item worth hanging on to should have a use within one year or so of setting the item aside. Any longer than that it will be less valuable, obsolete, out of style, or you might find that you don't need it after all. You might as well recoup the value now and pass the item along to someone who really needs it.

5. First In, First Out, or FIFO. Whenever you bring a new item into your home, first find a new home for the item it is replacing. If you are not replacing anything but rather bringing new items into the home, be sure you really need them and if you do, find something you don't need and move it on to its next owner to keep your home free of clutter.

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